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Welcome to Delirium

We are Delirium and we are a brand new haunted house located in Colorado Springs, Colorado comprised of seasoned veterans from previous haunts as well as brand new monsters who are just starting in this industry. We do not consider ourselves just a business, we are a family. A pretty demented and warped family but still a family. Among our experienced members are people with a wide array of talents and abilities who have been a part of a haunted house from 2 to 20 years. All the return members know each other and get closer each season as well as welcome newbies with open arms. Our crew has people with talents ranging from medics, to professional make-up artists, to natural management, to people who are just talented in scaring the breath out of people. We decided to start a new haunt that is all our own because it's our passion and, let's face it, scaring someone almost to the point of blacking out is a fantastic release for the stress of day to day events.